Charging 12v battery

Hi all,
My twizy has been in storage for 4 months, I know the 12v will be flat, but the mechanic fixed an external connector to the battery so it’s easy to charge up before I put the whole lot on charge.
Is there anything I need to do before connecting the 12v battery to my car battery charger.



@Julianh Smart solution. I built the same system on my wife’s Twizy. The brand Ctek has an accessory specially for this. A connector going into a wire with two eyes for the battery poles. I don’t disconnect anything on the Twizy. Click on to the Ctek and off you go.

Thanks for that, I have the exact same charger, used for my wife’s classic mini. I’ve already built the wire for the twist,
So I can plug it in and off I go.

Do you happen to know which size eyelet connectors to get?
They come in M6, M8 M10?

Thanks in advance


M6 terminals