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Charging a German Twizy in the UK

New Forum User and looking for some help.

I have a new Twizy, whcih has been sourced from Germany (long story!) - although through some oversight the Charging Plug difference was compeltely overlooked!!!

I’m trying to establish how i can go about charging the vehicle through a UK 3 pin socket - if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated

  1. Is it as simple as using a European 2 pin to UK 3 pin plug adapter?
  2. Can i simply replace the European 2 pin by cutting off the Plug and Wiring in a UK 13A 3 pin plug?
  3. Am i going to have to get the Charge cable retrofitted at a UK dealer?
  4. have seen a few posts about Type 2 converters, would this be an option (sourced form Europe of course) as an easier route?

If anyone has any thoughts or experienced the same problem then would greatly appreciate any input.

The couple of Renault dealers i spoke to indictaed that a travel adapter should be fine…thought i would check first!!!

Many Thanks


Yes, it is only 10amps so no real issues. You could (if you wished) get your dealer to order up a replacement UK-spec coiled lead, and this would mean you were no different from the rest of us - indeed, you may recover he cost of the UK lead by selling on the old Euro 2 pin lead.

Thanks for the response Busby. Can you just clarify whether are you saying that a plug swap would be the best option or simply using an adapter?


A cable swap is better - the primary reason is because the cable is constantly trying to retract, there is a very good chance you may find it has auto-unplugged itself - leaving the cable on the floor and the adaptor in the socket! Also, if you forget it when out and about, you cannot recharge unless you buy another adaptor.

For sheer convenience - a UK cable is considerably better, and there is less to jam in to the cable storage compartment!

Tell us your “long story” when you have time. What’s your battery hire arrangement? Is it with Renault Germany?

Renault treat the power cable and the charger as a single unit. It might not be a simple matter to get a replacement cable, but do ask, just in case they do come up trumps!

Failing that I’d find the best heavy duty water proofed with strain relief 3 pin plug you can find. You could fit a commando plug and then put a 3 pin plug adapter on that. I heard through the industry that it might have been the better choice for the Twizy to have one of those (16amp could have given faster charge times).

I suppose you could just make a decent little heavy duty short extension cable using THICK 16amp wire (same diameter as the Twizy wire), a decent ruggedised UK plug and a decent German ruggedised socket.

Problem with normal extension cables is you can’t use them rolled up in any way with the Twizy as it will most likely melt the cable, I use a thick 16amp one and have to ensure it’s spread about in a way that it will cool evenly. There’s also voltage drops and not an insignificant energy overhead the further you are away from your electricity meter to charge the car.

It can add a couple of percent to your electrical energy consumption for the car by just having a long cable distance from meter to car.