Charging adapters

What charging adpters t2>13 amp are available can some one please advise

Try here They were the cheapest at one point. Not the best 3 Pin end but whole price was almost the same as making your own.

Thanks very much for your help will certainly try

I would most definitely recommend EVbitz. I bought my adaptor cable from them, the chap is most helpful and accommodating indeed and actually offered some different options before he made the cable up.
Don’t be put off by the 13Asocket shown in their photo. The 13A end that I got is much better than the one shown (“waterproof” IP54 rating) for only a couple of quid extra. I could have even gone for a much better IP66 version if I’d wanted it for about £10 extra. He also asked if I wanted the “EVSE” switch at the T2 or 13A end.
I’d suggest dropping him a line or phone call to discuss first.

Been looking for one of them, just got on the site and bought one - thanks for the valuable info! This now gives me more charge points to charge here locally with. One of them is IKEA.

I just got one the Type 2 to 13 amp adaptor cables from Very pleased with it! Good comms from the guy who runs it too.

I went for the MasterPlug socket on the 13A end, which is decent enough, but as usual I couldn’t really get the socket to shut with the Twizy’s stupid oversized plug/cable. Chopping away a bit of the water seal at the cable entry point makes it useable, but probably doesn’t do the IP rating any favours… I’ll primarily be using the cable in an indoor carpark at work, so personally not worried about that.

So if I bought a Type2 adaptor cable for my Twizy how do you use them???
What sort of account do you need to be able to access the chargepoints at my local Sainsbury for instance.


@V8mini I have that exact cable too, with the masterplug socket which is a bit of a squeeze to close. Did you go for the 4m length?

I’ve just got 3m, which is fine for where I work as the charge point is at the front of the car, but maybe the 4m would be the more versatile option!

Newbie here, I have just bought a twizy and have seen this cable and another one for alot more money. Will this cable be OK because most of the charging points where I live are type 2

I’ve not had a problem yet with the one I bought from EVbitz! The guy who runs that website was very helpful in email comms with me.

Type 2 sockets lock the cable in during charging. This cable is hard wired to charge at all times (so that the Twizy’s on board charger just deals with everything as normal from the domestic plug) so you have to stop the charge at the Type 2 end to be able to remove the cable from the charge point.

As an aside, the very first time I used the adaptor it got jammed in the charge point as the locking solenoid failed to release, so I assumed the cable was no good. It was only later I found out the charge point solenoid was sticking… Adaptor cable was fine.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I have been in contact with the EVbitz fella and I am picking up the cable today you were right he is really helpful.

I am collecting my Twizy on Tuesday and will be ready to go. Can’t wait!!

Welcome. Glad you’ve got your cable sorted.
Pity the cold weather is upon us. The Twizy is far more enjoyable in the summer. Still you are going to have great fun in it.