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Charging at work

How many Twizy, or for that matter an EV drivers are permitted to charge their EV at work?

Are there any (particularly in the UK) firms that do not allow or do not provide any charging even in emergency?

There will be exceptions like in London where there is no physical parking at the work location and these should be excluded.

I worked a contract - and the firm were more than accommodating. They looked at installing an external socket, until they realised I could park in a bay used by the electric forklift. The firms electrician wanted to perform a PAT test on the Twizy but was worried the test might cause issues to the Twizy - so he took the pragmatic approach.

It worked fine!

I work in the second floor of an office block and actually get along with the owner and I once joked about putting the twizy in the lift and drive directly into the office. I was joking but I bumped into him 2 days later and he actually told me I couldn’t do it because the lifts were 30 cm too short…he actually measured my car and the lifts to see if it fits! Peculiar guy but then again he does drive a Lamborghini Murcielago or a Hummer H2. Both in yellow.

I had a charge point put in at work so use that. From Northwood to Queens park uses 50% charge in Winter, 40% charge in summer and 60% charge if i come in on the M1 for 5 junctions.