Charging error? Burned fuse? Anyway I need your help guys

Hello all!

My Twizy only charge up to 94% it has been plugged in for 32 hrs. When I try to start, I hear three beeps and the display looks like on the image. If I put on the headlights the whole system shuts down, when I start again, everything thing seems normal but the clock had been reset. Is this a hardware fault or can it be problems with the 12v battery? It is rather cold in Sweden - 4 to - 10 Celsius the last days.

Hi, Daniel.
Difficult to say but I have a feeling it might be your 12V. Any way to check it?

Yes, now it’s too dark and cold, I could check that tomorrow But shouldn’t the 12v charge when I charge the car?

no I am pretty sure the 12v charges from the traction battery a bit like a standard car in the sense that when its on and moving it charges.

Ok, ill unmount the battery and bring it inside tomorrow for charging. Ill will report.



Yes, the 12V gets charged when plugged in and by the traction battery when moving, but it can still go faulty. It’s just that when the headlights were switched on and everything shut down that made me think it might be the 12V.
@DCI. How many km have you done and how long have you had your Twizy. It’s the first time I’ve heard someone can only charge to 94% only.

Are you sure it charges when plugged in? I say this because when my faulty hazard button decided to turn lights on all night then even although it was plugged in the 12v drained and I was unable to turn ‘ignition’ on.

I am pretty certain the 12V gets charged when plugged in. I drained my 12V by using too much headlight/wiper etc for short journeys and the Twizy wouldn’t start. After a charge it worked perfect again.

The 12v will recharge when you plug in to recharge the traction battery. However neither will charge if the 12V battery voltage is too low to switch the relay’s on.

In this case there is enough power for the display but the 12V battery has at least one faulty cell so under load - Headlights - it fails and the voltage drops too low. Charge the 12V off the the Twizy and test it. Should still have a charge of 12.7v or above after 1 hour off charge and then test with a load (headlight bulb and see what the voltage drops too. It should still be over 10.8V

Also during charging feel the battery (with caution) to see if it or part of it gets warm. Often failed cells show up as they have more resistance and will get hot.

Good luck.

Thnx Osbrook.
Ill try to charge the battery today.

In the instructions manual, there is a reference to charging the 12v power outlet. Does it work? Anybody tried? How to do?

The 12V socket in the LHD glove box is only live when the Twizy is turned on. That requires some power form the 12V side, then you simply supply 14.7V to the socket. However this will be current limited by the fuse. Probably easier to remove the front cover/bumper of the twizy and get to the 12V battery directly. You will need to do this is it needs replacing anyway.

I couldnt charge the battery. I ordered a new one. :frowning: :weary:

Looks like a simple fix then. Sorry about the problems. Lets hope the battery failed of natural causes rather then due to the electronics on the Twizy. How cold was it when you charged the Twizy? the 12V battery being stuck up front and low down will not like being charged if below -20c and below 0c they should have the recharge rate reduced.

Remember the Lithium battery should not be charged when below 0c.

I took the battery inside. Right now its -16. My Twizy doesent really like this climate. :slight_smile:

I was thinking more about the 12V battery when it was on the car. A high charge rate at sub zero temps will damage the 12V battery. Good idea to take it indoor for testing when it is so cold.

Interesting (at least to me) is that Lithium batteries (traction ones) are happy to work and provide power down to -20c. It is just the charging shouldn’t be done below 0c.

Shouldn’t be done? My sales contact at Renault said that I could use the Twizy without any problems (except the range) in winter? I’ve noticed that the charging takes longer to finish, and sometimes finishes at 95%. Is this something to be concerned about? (thinking warranty)


The Renault Twizy handbook says charging below -15c will take longer. My quote was a more general best practice for batteries.

Ok, I have a new battery, I’ll install it tomorrow. After that, I hopefully rolling down the snowy streets again. :blush:

Let’s hope it will work. Keep us posted.