Charging Fan Issue

Morning, another day another problem for me.

Looks like the fan is not working, plugged Twizy in last night, all I get is a buzz from car, after about 30 seconds the service light comes on, same issue this morning when I tried to charge again. I am wondering if something is stuck in it, where is the fan located? Or is this a sign that the charger has failed?


As long as the charger hasn’t over heated due to the lack of fan it is usually just a stone etc flicked up into the fan. Not that rare. However getting to it is that easy. In fact I cannot tell you how. Perhaps someone else will.

This is what I was seeing when looking on here, it sounds like the fan is at the front of the Twizy. Hopefully someone can enlighten me on how to get at it :grinning:

Just in case anyone else has this issue, the fan is located under the floor panel in the foot well

The black bar is the charging unit on the side of the battery

Basically the fan was not that accessible to clean, however you can turn it with a small screwdriver (When the power is disconnected obviously)
For me there was some grit in there stopping the blades from freely moving. If you have a compressor you can clean this out a bit more. Once again probably best to do this when it isn’t spinning/power applied