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Charging faults and smart charging issues

Hi all,

Since the last year I’ve experienced some issues with my Smart ForFour.
In the beginning (6 months) the car gives me charging faults with both my 230V socket and wall box (22kW).
Mercedes blames the charges and my house installation and I blame Mercedes.
After a few months someone from the helpdesk told the dealer to reconfigure the Combi Instrument (display in frond of you).
This solved the charging problems.

I also experienced that the car won’t start charging on the ‘Smart charing’ times.
The car remains ‘sleeping’ at night.
This also was solved with the fix of the combi instrument.

Currently there is still an issue with the climate control of the departure time.
I need ± 80% of the battery every day, this is possible when the car is heated in the winter from the power socket. (wall box 22kW).

The car ‘forget’ the departure time and won’t heat up.
Does anyone have experience with this?

interesting to read this , my for four ed recently had a whole host of errors similar to yours.

first off I ditched the Mercedes granny charger , I didn’t like the way it would continuously top up the traction battery when full , I have a better BMW i3 granny charger which just charges once to full and seems to do it faster than the Mercedes one and the power cable is much longer to the plug socket.

much like my Twizy I suspected the accessory 12V battery would be at fault and I found the battery was in a poor electrical condition , the internal resistance was high.

I replaced the battery with a stop and go 12V for smart for four from my local Halfords with a trade card. Since the battery was replaced I have had no issues - touch wood. :grin:

Hi @harypjotr, I’ve only just spotted your post. We have a Smart for four EQ that frequently tells us ‘visit workshop’ or similar are refuses to start for ~15 mins. This is usually after charging with our Zappi charger but has also happened after short journeys.
Is this similar to your issue?
Can you tell me more about the ‘reconfigure the Combi Instrument’ process, what I need to ask for?
We are at the point of ditching the EQ, but before we do …