Charging Flap repair

That damn flimsy Charging flap seems to break easily.

I managed to create my own repair part that needs no drilling or complex effort.

here is what I have made:
A set of black Powder coated hinge replacements.

Here is how it works.
-Remove the flap frame off the twizy by remoging the fou Phillips screedrivers.

  • Remove the broken Plastic hinges off the frame by pulling out the metalic pins
  • Use a 60 grit sand paper to roughen the surfaces where the replacement hinges will rest

-Apply two component epoxy glue on both areas

With a toothpick mix the two componenst well together

Put metalic hinge and press into place so you see excess glue come in thorugh the base holes

Clip the flap onto the frame and push the pins back in though the existing hinges holes

Let it rest laying face down for at least 2 hours before installation.

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Oh, I still have 40 Sets of those if anyone wants to repair his.
The waterjet factory would just make one set for me so I settled for the minium.

Okay, this is my story:
Yesterday I took my Twizy to the first regular service. I asked them to charge my battery after the service, so I could drive back home. The dealer is about 60 km away from my home…
At the takeover of Twizy, I noticed that the charging flap stands a little sideways.
Of course, the hinges have been broken, I do not know what they are doing with them.
OK, they replaced then my broken flap with the other from one of their Twizy, with the last one that they still had in one piece, all others were broken too.
Of course, after coming home, I arranged the thing. From 3 mm plexi L-shaped piece and epoxy glue, I’m reinforcing the existing hinges on replaced hatch. I believe it will last much longer than the original one.

There is also few solutions with new 3D printed hinges on Thingverse, but thats good when you already have broken hinges, and I realy don’t like all of them (driling the holes in the hatch, not having those springs that holds the hatch open…). So I managed this when I still have it in one piece.

This is so funny - I’m a new owner and this is how I fixed my broken flap.

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Alex, I know the post was ages ago but if you still have those spare brackets I’d love to buy a set…

Pm’ d you

I still have plenty spares

And they have held on to the flap for over 5 years now!

I don’t know how else I can write to you, do you still have any of the 80kg door springs for sale?