Charging from a caravan socket

Long story short I’ve puchased an e-Up! for the Mrs as she has now fully bought into the EV world.

A couple months ago we moved house and found the previous owner had installed a couple of extra sockets which I thought may be of use for EV charging. I’ve attached photos of one of them.

This is a Gewiss GW66015 socket. From what I understand this is a 32A socket.

Any chance of using this to charge an EV like the e-Up? I’ve scoured the web and can’t find a suitable type 2 cable anywhere.

It is a standard Caravan socket. I use them with an adaptor to charge my Twizy while on Campsites. They are rated at 16amp. Even if it cannot be used for your car then at least you have a supply that a charge point can be fitted to.

You will need a std single phase to type 2 adaptor. This can plug into a std mains outlet, 13a uk 16a, or even a european 10a mains outlet. The box on the cable does the link to the car and allows the car to charge at an appropriate rate. Generally 10a or less. Not cheap though, look to spend a few hundred pounds. As a shock, you will have to pay over £600 for a genuine Renault unit for a Zoe

Thanks for both your replies, it seemed like a waste to install a new charge point if someone had already installed something like one.

Osbrook is right it’s a std socket mainly used in industrial applications and caravan sites. Most likely previous owners had a caravan they plugged in at home.
You can buy type two Rolex boxes for around £400 and an electrician is will charge around £150-£200 to install and test depending where the consumer unit is located in relation to the box. Shorter the cable the cheaper it is usually.