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Charging in Canada

Ok so after some digging it seems it would be possible to import the Twizy into Canada on a temporary basis.

However I’m not an electrician and have no idea whether the power system there would work with the Twizy.

Wikipedia says Canada use 110v/60hz. With some houses having 240/110v. Could any of you intelligent electrically minded people on here let me know if the Twizy would charge on such a system?


You would likely need a step up transformer. You can get them that look the same as the yellow step down transformer you see on building sites.

Sorry i dont know the exact charging parameters for the Twizy but pretty much anything can be achieved electrically with the right bit of kit.

If it’s like the U.S. there will be a 220v circuit for your electric oven (for example). It will still be 60hz, but I think the charger would probably cope with that. You’d be well out of warranty either way! :smiley:

I’d check with Renault - I was told the Twizy charger auto ranged 100-250 and 50/60. So it wouldn’t be an issue.

Seems a lot of work for a temporary thing. But it would be good to see you keep the car. Imagine the attention you would get there.

I am digging out the thread because i found somthing on facebook:

He imported a german twizy to the usa and is charging it with an “240v dryer outlet”. If you are still into this, he can probably give you some information how to charge it in north america.

Nope unfortunately not. Looks like I’ll be staying in the UK for now. Thanks anyway

It looks to be difficult but on my side I tried to change things by creating a Facebook page to support the introduction of the Twizy into Québec. So I invit everybody to like and share this page that could put important persons under pressure. https://www.facebook.com/TwizyAuQuebec