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Charging points app?

Is there an iOS app the shows you a map of UK charging points? Or the nearest one?

[FONT=Times]We have one in development that uses the Open Charge Map database… feel free to add your wish list items here;[/FONT]


Cheers. I’ll keep my eye on it

This seems to be a major problem. There is a charging point in my town near the industrial estate (only one I have heard of across the entire locality). I have been round and round trying to find it and have yet to locate it. Interestingly there have been comments in the paper that no one is using it. I wonder why ! Could it be the paper still did not tell people exactly where it is ?

There is a complete absence of power points on my travel to work and the Tesco one I have read about is only for persons with business at Tesco Head Office and not for shoppers.

In summary, we need the shops to start adopting the power points. We also need a satisfactory method of communicating where the charging points are. Preferably an easy to use national database. The current rubbish does not give enough detail of exactly where these things are situated and which scheme you have to be a member of.