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Charging Question

Yes the fan wont switch off (most of the time). It runs at 27 watts all night so it costs me money not to go out there and switch off after 3 hours.

What’s the question? When is the Twizy update coming out? Anyone heard anything more? September has long passed.

Hmmm. It thought I had posted this in technical. Sorry peeps.

The fan cuts out about 30 seconds after I unplug. Only charged it 3 times so far.

I think you missed the point. The cooling fan for charging should cut out soon after 100% charge is reached and the battery is at a reasonable temp. A lot of people but not all find this does not happen and the fan stays on after the battery is charged, this wastes electricity until you unplug from the mains. Then is stops as you say.

Now if you unplug before the battery is cool and run the car straight away the fan will cut back in. You can also make the cooling fan cut in by driving hard in hot climates - not here in the uK :slight_smile:

Yarp. It should switch off on 100% and cold so is there a software update on the horizon?


Show off :lol:
Mine thinks it is helping to stop global warming :rolleyes:

my fan sometimes does shut off and sometimes not. possibly if I charge it outside the fan goes off, may be coincidence.

Mine shuts off when it blanks out the display - unless I inadvertently left the “ignition” on.