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Charging system twizy 45 broken

So after almost 5 months of being super reliable my Twizy 45 seems to have a fault in the charging system with the screen turning off and the service light engaging whilst the % indicator won’t go up anymore. After a 130 Euro ride on a tow truck it made it to my nearest EV center where the guys say it will stay for 1 week. Has anyone else had this fault before and how long did it take to fix? Was the repair included in the battery rental?

I did go 1000 KM over the amount of kilometers I bought, can Renault disable it when I do?

The first 45 questions well done.

Only on the Zoe and above do Renault’s have the electronics installed to talk back to the car. So I doubt very much that using extra KM is the cause.

As always the first thing to check is the 12V battery. This being faulty can show up with some similar faults. After that it gets more complex and expensive!
All the dash display is powered from this little battery and corroded battery connections, flat battery (due to light being left on etc) can show up as strange faults. The control system needs a minimum voltage to run the sensors correctly and that includes running the Traction battery to 12V charger. So even if the Traction Battery is fully charged it cannot transfer power to the 12V systems without the 12V battery having a some charge.

Hope you get it resolved soon.