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~~Charging with extension lead

Is there anyone out there in a position to tell me if it is safe to charge a Twizy with a heavy duty extension lead. Thanks.

I charge my Twizy with an extension lead all the time at home, and I’m sure lots of other people do the same thing. I won’t go on record as saying it’s safe, but I’ve never had any problems.

Maybe some of the more technical people on the forum can say whether it’s safe or not?

A lot of the extension leads you buy are only rated at 10 Amps, and they also have a overload button.
I got an electrician friend to make a 13 Amp Heavy Duty lead up for me :slight_smile:
If you do use a Heavy Duty extension lead it is very important to make sure that it is fully uncoiled.


I second the “uncoil” bit. If you have an extension lead in a hosepipe type drum or cylinder and do not fully extend it when charging it WILL get hot and in my case even melt the cable (not on Twizy I might add. I learned from the mistake!). So it is not something that might happen. It will happen so make sure the cable is man enough (16 amps etc etc) and that it is fully extended if it was coiled on a drum.