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Cheapish GoPro clone


I have seen the Go Pro mentions a few times and I used one to do my you tube video.

Now I wanted one of my own but the price seemed a bit too much.

Anyway Clas Olsen have opened up in Liverpool and started putting a brochue in anything that comes through our letter box.

Anyway I ordered one of these http://www.clasohlson.com/uk/SD20-1080p-Action-Camera/Pr384968000

Its at £120 until Christmas Day then it will go back to £140.

Only got it yesterday and I am waiting for the memory card for it.

I will let you know how I got on, but thought I would post it incase anyone else was looking.

See video link on DVR post for some in GoPro/DVR use in Russia 8-|

Good luck with it, I have tried lots of other cameras, but the Go Pro is a cut above Iam afraid.

Well I used the go pro for the vid below, hoping that fact it almost looks the same might mean its nearly the same.

It works for Aldi 55% of the time.

Well, took it to the car wash, used a gorillapod to clip it to seat.

Video quality the same if not better than GoPro and cheaper, and you get a detachable screen to.

Very pleased.