Check your tyres folks!

Went and checked my tyres this morning ( first time since I bought it 5 months ago :-()) I was shocked to find that my fronts were at 1.4 bar and my rears were at 1.6 bar. They are supposed to be 2.3 front and 2.0 rear. That would explain my crap range of around 40 miles. I was putting it down to the fact that I’m not a small chap. It’ll be interesting to see if the range improves…

Thanks for the reminder Repoman, I haven’t checked mine in ages. It probably not helped by the cooler weather setting in now.

Yeah I will need to check mine too. Colder weather and any leakage means you lose psi.

I found that too, my front was at 23psi and rear was at 20psi when it should be 33psi and 29psi.

I bought a cheap pump from Asda and I and now only using 3 battery bars for a 16 mile journey instead of 5 bars. It has made a massive difference.