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Check yout sockets

I wanted to share this.

I’m not some idiot who plugs extension blocks into extension blocks and overloads sockets. This was the front from a socket that feeds an extension lead, all rated 13 amps short length too, about 2 meters is all. My twizy is the only thing at the end of it. The house is only 10 years old.

As the twizy pulls 2200 watts, a little more than a hairdryer, that’s around 10 amps, socket is rated 13, not a problem
BUT the socket’s pin connector was loose, a fault in the manufacturing. This means the contact area between the plug and socket was too small for the current load, resulting in carbonisation, as can be seen on the plug. The carbonisation in turn reduces the contact area and increases the resistance of the contacts, causing heat. Look at the pins on the socket, it’s melted. Fortunately the wiring in the socket was fine.

Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to preempt this, all you can do is check to see if it has happened to you.

Hope it hasn’t.


It is not just the current but the length of time 10amps is drawn. 5 mins for a kettle, 3hrs for the Twizy.

It is a good warning and I am pleased you found it before a fire. Good idea to feel the connections for any rise in temp.