Checking off subforums vs threads

At this forum, you can manually double-click on a blue unread text balloon next to a subforum to check it off as read. If you use the back-button to go back to the main forum page, the threads you’ve visited aren’t properly marked as read, so that is when I do it manually.

Examples of subforums:

[FONT=courier new]Subforums where (text-balloon == true) {
array** The Lounge**;
array** Buying and Selling**;
array** Zoe**;


But you cannot do this with individual threads. Why is this inconsistency here?

Edit: please ignore where, ==, true, array, {, }, and ;.



You can check off the blue ones but not the yellow ones.

This forum uses an off the shelf solution called vBulletin. Blame them, unless there’s an option somewhere that I can turn on that I’ve missed?

I appreciate the feedback as it helps to make this site a better place, however please also bear in mind that this site just about pays for its hosting fees through advertising, let alone paying me anything for my time to perform upgrades/add features/manage users etc.

Therefore things like this tend to get left until I have the time to sit down and take a proper look at it/can be bothered.

Unfortunately the Twizy hasn’t taken off in this country, otherwise the forum may have grown a lot bigger a lot faster and would have been worth my while spending time developing it further each week.

James, I think you are doing a brilliant job to keep this forum going for us Twizy owners. I know it is a thankless task. It gives us a chance to share information and views and tips etc. Thanks once again. Please keep the good work going.