Chinese gas spring 1000N for $41 delivered

I’ve just fitted into my Twiz a chinese gas spring 1000N. See pic. I bought it from Alibaba supplier for $41 delivered to Russia for 2 pieces. The springs were 5mm too long and at first they did not fit. I had to dremel off 2-3mm of each ball fittings after which it fit well. I’ve measured pulling force on a bare metal bar with all panels removed, at a point of a lock. It pulled 6,6 kg compared to my original strut 3,6kg.

I’ll congratulate you on your good purchase when I see a video on how the doors open freely.

I would not dare to supply my fellow Twizy owners with goods from China cause I will want to be able to refund them if something goes wrong. And China sellers won’t back me up in such cases.

In addition how long will a china part work properly? My struts are pushing proud a third year without any claims.

In most countries customs charges will be a surcharge to consider.

It works well for now. Each strut is $6. Six dollars! Even if they don’t last long, 6 dollars os almost for free.