Citroen C1 Evie for sale on AutoTrader

There’s a Citroen Zero E for sale for £995 …that small amount for an EV !!..does anyone have info about this type of EV and any catch to watch out for ?

200 were made. Parts may be tricky to get hold of. Much of the car is a Citroen C1, so the everyday parts of the car will be easy enough to keep running. But the EV stuff will all be prototypes.

From what I’ve read these cars are a bit of a nightmare, as @Smart51 said parts are fairly scarce and the technology used in them is now pretty antiquated.

If you’ve got the technical expertise then go for it.

Thanks for the info …I’m now understanding why an EV is in my easy price range ! and with no technical expertise I’ve backed off …

I don’t want to scare you off EVs at all but the C1 Evie was a very early try by a mainstream manufacturer at producing an EV. That comes with it’s own issues along with the batteries not being Li-Ion either.

Don’t know if there is anyone on this forum with some more experience on the C1 Evie that could shed some more light on it??

Most of the C1 EVies are bought by an EV expert who uses them as spares for the running ones.

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Hi, The C1 was and is a fairly useful small limited range EV, The technology is still in use and all the parts are available. Those original parts like motor couplings and interior heaters, I make alternatives. The Motors and controllers are still current, as are the Thundersky Lifepo4 cells. These are actually a very stable and very suitable cell. They dont burn like some Li mixtures can.
The cars would do around 40 miles new, but like all lithium cells they dont do well in the cold. They top out at around 65mph.
I dont buy and break the cars, I buy then and put them back into use. I have more than enough new spares, and import / sell a lot of parts, both these and others for EV conversions.
There were about 100 of then sold in the UK and around 70 sets of parts were send to Denmark where they were then put into a batch of C1s.
I have sold a few that have been stripped of parts and used for parts sources for other conversions . A very cheap way of getting a Motor, Controller, DC to DC converter, and Pack.


Thanks …when I eventually get an EV I’ll remember you as a source of useful knowledge…

Thanks for the correction and info Gumpy-B. Just out of interest what kind of charger port do these have? Type 1? The ones I’ve seen seem to have some kind of 3-phase derivative.

All of them had a std 16a single phase inlet that is located in the original petrol flap. The type 1 is actually impossible to fit in , if you keep the correct locking cover on the type 1. Type 2 is just too large to fit without some heavy body mods. Just simpler to use the 16a plug. Its not a three phase derived part. To make the connection leads I hold stock of some really good 16a sockets that then have to have the original flap cut off to fit in the available space. I also supply these with some really tough 1.5mm2 coiled leads (almost indestructible) in a bright yellow. (at one point such a lead was a requirement for use on many of the original London charge /13a points)

From where you have that info that only 200 were made? That’s sure not true. And it’s not C1 platform, but it was developed with the Peugeot and Mitsubishi as the same elctric platform with different badges. And of course the parts are not prototypes :grinning: I have at least 2 friends which they had them.

Be careful Kuki. The car for sale is not a C zero as advertised. It is a C1 ev’ie. The seller explains why in the listing.

A, OK, I just read the thread name where it says CITROEN C-ZERO FOR SALE ON AUTOTRADER

Correct . Hence my comments.