Cleaning a Twizy on a sunny March 2018 Day

Haven’t posted for a while but suffice to say after two years I am still loving my Twizy to bits.

Bar one failure (charger stopped working) it’s been 100% and never ever fails to get a smile from at least one person as I whizz by in my Twizz.

Just spent two hours cleaning it as it was a nice sunny day in Surrey U.K.

Just being playing with a video editing program that without my son giving me tuition (imagine a 62 year old getting tuition from a 22 year old), I would not have had a clue. This is the video of the Twizy in the sunshine after it’s wash above.

Taken on my Samsung Note 8. Not the best thing to take a video on but not bad for a Smartphone!



Very pretty! Did you clean under her armpits??


Btw, it’s a he. Can’t you tell?

Looking smart Martin! Where did you get your little number plate from, what size is it? looks waaaaay better than the full sized one hanging over the edges!!

Hi Andy

No, it’s not a Smart it’s a Twizy… (HoHo)

Yes I agree, the normal size plates look hideous. I think it’s 12x2" and I get them from No. 1 Show Plates.

Haha! Great! Thanks for that I’ll have a look :+1: