Cleaning Product - Black plastic areas

Just taken delivery of my Twizy Technic ( 2015 with 700 miles) and having purchased unseen I was a little concerned but after a quick check over it does seem to be as good as the seller said, just dusty and in need of a deep clean.

What do people use to clean and polish the exterior black plastic areas ?.
Do you use the same stuff on the inside of the doors and other black plastic areas inside?.
What should I use to clean the clear roof and the bottom part of the doors, I do not want to scratch them.

Bonus points so far:-
it has a Clear roof which was not in the advert and could not be seen in the photos.
It has as an official Twizy bag for the back seat (again not in the advert)
It had a charge adapter lead in the bag, need to find out which one it is.
Found a second key in the Twizy bag, thought it only had one.
It has 4 service stamps in the service book, seller only mentioned the last one.

The long wait to find the right Twizy at the right price may have been worth it, now to give it a good clean and check over and contact Renault Finance to get the battery lease sorted

Well done !! You’ve got the Twizy just at the right time of the year. Do you want to let us on how much you paid for it.

Hmmm. Congrats Paul but surprised the battery lease wasn’t already sorted? Not sure where you stand if the previous buyer avoided the payments and surprised he didn’t sort the paperwork out before he actually sold it to you as its his responsibility.

Have fun with it anyway!

Hi Martin,
Purchased through a car broker who was selling for a deceased estate. They did send a transfer document with the car and after a couple of telephone calls with Renault Finance the battery should be sorted on Monday.
I think I have been very lucky.
Powerbox being sorted.
Catch up sometime during the summer.

It is all cleaned and polished after about 7 hours over 3 evenings.
Photos are not that great, being able to clean and turn the car around in the back garden will take getting used to.

I used the following:-
Chemical Guys Tire / Trim Gel for the exterior black plastic,
Very impressed with the results although its consistency took some getting used to, thick clear gel ( as the name says).

Chemical Guys GlassworkZ for windows and clear plastic.
Easy to use with great results.

Poorboys Paste Wax on the coloured exterior plastic.
Looks good but the panels are all in excellent condition anyway but easy to use.

Meguials Interior detailer for the inside.
The Twizy bag is only rested in place and will be stored away with all the paperwork.

Congrats for new Twizy Technic …Pics are too good…

I find the autoglym plastic dressing stuff br8ngs the twizy up beautifully.