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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Clear Roof Option - Topless would be so cool

Since there is an option to have a clear roof and that this may be retro-fitted? (i.e. after production) …

The existing roof is a single skin piece of plastic. It is held in place by the body frame under the moulding and body parts but MUST be removable.

Has anyone any info on fitting the see-thru roof as the construction of the chassis and roll cage is such that removing it would not adversely affect safety.

Another way of saying topless would be sooooo cool.

Nice idea but I think you would still need half the roof to cover the top of the Speaker pod and cross member else it would look a little odd. A removable Hatch might be a better option. Something easy to pop back in without having to remove all the trim.

The factory sunroof must also leave the speaker bar visible I guess?

Indeedy the sunshine roof leaves the speaker bar in place. (picture from Fifth Gear test on You Tube)

Are there not many pieces of body trim missing from this car?

So a nice hatch fitting between the speaker bar and windscreen would cool.

Certainly the picture is of a preproduction model and several panels have changed design since then.