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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Clear roof

This looks great, small catch, seems you need to get to Germany for it’s fitting.


i wonder if they’ll make a retro-fittable roll top convertible Twizy roof.

At Renault London West they said they could fit a clear roof to existing Twizys - estimated cost £600, two thirds of which is labour…

£400 labour at £50/hour = 8 hours fitting time to remove a bit of trim and refit??? But I can believe the £200 for a bit of perpex.

What I would like to know is how to get the old roof off simply and leave it off for that open air motoring feel… With just the speaker bar covering the roll frame.

I think you will find most franchise dealers, even for Renault, will be charging nearer the £100/hour, particularly in London.

My BMW garage charge less than that.

Consider yourself lucky. Google it and see. For 2012 for franchise dealers the most expensive is Middlesex at £118/hour and cheapest is Warwickshire at just over £100/hour. I presume VAT has been added, otherwise it would be even worse.