Climate control with app

I have used the instant and timed preheat in the cold spell, using the app to to start the instant heat and set the times for delayed starts. If you are using the granny cable (13 amp plug type), the time delay start doesn’t work for me on my ForFour EQ, but I have just had a Pod-Point 7kw charger installed and the timed reheat does work, though it seems a bit flaky at times. I’ve never tried to preheat with the car not plugged in, but even if it did work, I would strongly say “Don’t”, as the heater gobbles up the range at an alarming rate. I’ve noticed that selecting heating when driving, drops from 70 mile start range to 50 mile or less range immediately. I drive in Eco mode all the time and this restricts the use of the heater, so I tend to use the seat/steering wheel heating, which has no noticeable effect on range.

John, search for ‘EQ Monkey’ on youtube and have a look at my autumn 2018 videos. I do ‘t remember i exactly which video I talk about heating (and air con) but there’s a knack to it so that you don’t waste so much range.

Keep air-con at 20 or above and when heating keep it at 23 or below. And when starting air-con or heating, start at either extreme until you see the range adjust itself to a very low amount, then slide the temperature selector back to 18 or 22 respectively. The video explains more…

Hi Stuart. I’ve had an EQ fortwo cabrio since last April and generally love the car apart from the road noise, which is quite bad compared to the Renault Zoe I had previously, and the heating. I had the car checked out by the local dealer after trying to use the heating last autumn in the cold weather. I like to drive with the roof partly open all year round, but in the winter I have the heater on warming my feet. Even with the gauge set to maximum 28 degrees the air never gets more than tepid. The dealer fobbed me off with a story that I could only get hot air by using climate control, but even then it is not hot. I had a similar issue with my Zoe, which was completely fixed by replacing the heating computer. Do you think it is a similar issue? How hot does the air get in your Smart?

I never raise my temperature above 23c during the winter as it takes away too much of the car’s range if I do that. But, to be honest, 22c is normally quite OK for me - in fact I’ve often been using 21c this winter. Saying that if/when the temperature decides to drop below -10c I’ll probably need to push it back up to 23c.

From what you’ve mentioned, though, that certainly sounds like a problem with the car.

Unfortunately the car has been back to the local Sandown Mercedes garage, to no avail. I’ve discussed the issue at length with the technician, and we went out for a 15-minute test drive in both my car and a hard-top Smart demonstrator. Both appeared to be the same: fine with aircon and demisting, but poor in terms of heating. It took 5-10 mins for any real warm-up, and even then the temperature never gets anywhere near hot enough for the vents to burn you, despite the laughable safety warning in the handbook. The advice was to use aircon and/or climate control to get the fastest warmth, but that’s not how I want to drive a soft top vehicle in the winter! I wonder if anyone else has come across the weakness, and if so been able to do anything about it?

Hi Zan, I have the ForFour and rely on the seat & steering wheel heating on cold days, as the car’s main heater zaps the range and hardly work in Eco Mode. I have found the preheat works well, but it can be a bit unpredictable in use. The boost heater that gives the 5min heating for defrost is best. I give the Smart a couple of 5min bursts before leaving home for best results.