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Coasting Tip - how to get 60mph out of your Twizy!

I thought aminorjourneys tip for coasting the Twizy ought to be made a sticky topic for everyone to see.
See original post here: http://www.twizyowners.com/showthread.php/55-Not-a-real-photo-of-my-Twizy

Firstly, for anybody who isn’t aware, the Twizys regenerative battery effectively places a speed limiter on the Twizy of 52mph, even when going down the steepest of hills.

However, the way to get round this is to gently place your foot on the accelerator pedal so that it is barely being pressed. If you get it right, you will see above your speedometer on the display that no bars are highlighted, meaning that your Twizy is neither drawing power nor recharging the battery. This effectively disables the speed limiter, meaning that if you can find a really steep hill, or you approach a hill already at 52mph then you will be able to get possibly up to 60mph with a little help from gravity!

Selecting Neutral would have the same effect, and might be more effective in situations where the terrain undulates. I don’t know if it’s bad for the Twizy though. :slight_smile:


Coasting in Neutral is the same as towing for recovery. Now the manual says this should only be done for recovery but does not explain why. As the Engine is permanently engaged in gear then there will be the same amount of wear to the motor and gear box as if driven. The same questions get raised by the Smart car. Some people have had issues with the gearbox others have towed them for 1000s of miles.

Coasting as part of normal driving should be fine.

I’d have thought so. It’s clear that “neutral” doesn’t mean mechanical disengagement, just electrical. I was concerned about the effect of re-engaging drive when the Twizy has wound itself up to 60mph, so I brake back down to 50. Is the “whine” that journalists attribute to the motor really electrical - it sounds like the noise any gearbox makes to me.

I tried switching to neutral today at 52mph, again, got it up to 53 and then put it into drive when it started falling. You can definitely feel the car ‘loosen up’ when you put it into neutral and then pull back once you put it into drive.

Could this potentially damage the motor doing this?

My concern would be the electrical surge as it kicks back in rather than running the motor faster. The motor is always turning.

i’ve seen 54mph on my twizy before the limiter effect and was able to coast until 56mph before the hill ran out, the motor came back in just under 52mph.

I managed 55 mph down hill two days in a row this week

I brake or coast back down to 52 before re engaging on a light throttle to avoid a regen surge. I got 57 out of mine down hill with 2 of us. It coasts better with some weight on board. :wink:

Stop light comes on at 57, I’d happily take mine faster if I could find a big hill and a favorable wind. I don’t think it will do it any harm mechanically, just think a sudden surge reengaging at high speed over 52 (I never thought I ever call 52 high speed) might be a shock to the controller / battery. I spoke to Sevcon who make the controller, they said the controller will cope with as much current on regen as it does on full drive, but then the guy I spoke to is not one of their techs and I know most controllers struggle with large regen currents which is why I wait till 52 to reengage.

I’m pretty sure the whine is the gearbox as when the load or drive is off the motor it is much quieter.

I hadn’t realised the speed limiter is over ridden if you are coasting on the throttle. Good tip! Thanks! :slight_smile:

but has anyone found that coasting is better than regen for the overall range of the twizy…is it better to let gravity make you run faster, and use momentum to continue forward motion or better to recharge the batteries whenever you can…

Great question and one I have wondered. As ReGen is less then 10% then you would need to coast for a long way.

Regen if you are picking up speed (otherwise you loose energy to aerodynamics) coast if not. :slight_smile:

I got 62mph down a hill on Sunday, braked it back down to 48 before re engaging drive.

It was a bendy hill, found it perfectly stable and brakes were fine. :slight_smile: