Cold Feet?

Hello … Just a quick question… Am I the only Twizy owner that gets cold feet? Or is there a gator or plate missing off my car? Right above the brake pedal there is a 3 inch hole that the steering column goes through… Should there be a gator there to stop the wind blowing through? I can see straight through to the brake fluid resovour… Thank you in advance …

I too get cold feet, so you’re not the only one.

I can’t offer a solution, though, just confirmation.

That’s great thank you for replying, I didn’t really want to go back to Renault Cannock they weren’t the most helpful dealer I have purchased from, i might look at trying to seal this hole or just put some more layers on, I feared I had a missing part… Thank you again …

look on here there is a thread about it basically you cut up a flip flop to do it or otherwise your feet do freeze. after you have bunged up this hole you will find the other holes :disappointed_relieved:

I made a Flap to fill the steering column hole

It has made a difference this winter and its helped to stop the cold wind blowing up my trouser leg!
But as others have said, once you fill that draught you notice others!.
I also fitted some wind deflectors to the gap between the lower door and the clear plastic.
This stopped the wind blast howling in at speed.
I am reasonably happy that I have filled the major gaps.
I know this winter has not been as cold as other years but I have definitely noticed an improvement this winter on those really cold days.
Don’t wear my hat as much! :smiley:


That’s great thank you for your reply. I have copied you’re design with some 2mm rubber sheet, I’ve not been out yet but I’m sure it will make a difference, we use our Twizy as a delivery vehicle. It’s out at 5am most mornings but as its been a little to cold I’ve reverted back to using smart cars… I have to say though what a fantastic little car it is… We done 560 miles in the first three weeks who knows when it gets warmer… Thank you again