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Cold in Sweden today

It’s a bit cold in Sweden today, -15 degrees celsius. To keep warm in my Twizy, I used two fleece blankets over my legs. No wind, however, thanks to my windows from http://www.twizywindows.co.uk/
My Twizy worked fine but the battery lost more bars from the meter then usual on my 21 km (13 miles) ride. Usually have 64% when I come to work, today I have only just above 50% (riding a few km on the sixth line on the battery meter).

That’s a bit too cold even for me.
A range of less than 30miles is not great.

Some over EV’s don’t loose as much battery capacity after about -5c with the worse loss being between +10c and -5c.

I am still waiting for snow in germany! It hasn’t snowed ONCE this winter!

I’ve not seen any snow this winter either.

I was just thinking how warm it’s been this winter. The calm before the storm perhaps? Maybe we’ll get a seriously cold spell in February?

Hello All . We in Spain , taking 6 months out. Have Twizy on Trailer , back of Campervan . Weather 24c here in Calahonda , 10 min from Marbella. Left the UK early November. Twizy going great , which has done since January 2013, nearly 7 Thousand now. Had letter , last week , here for re call. Was at Renault in Calahonda this morning , and they know all about the re call , so part has been ordered . Better go , Tan needs Topping . John McGroaty.

Can’t think of a better use for the Twizy. Continue to have a good time. We are all envious of you in the UK here.