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Collective Noun - New Forest Twizys

I need help selecting a collective noun for a gaggle of Twizys. Why?

Well here in the New Forest I bought one last May. The guy across the road bought one after he saw ours. The hotel down the road in Brockenhurst bought one and the New Forest initiative http://www.brandnewforest.com/ bought 16 of which 9 are already here.

So we have a bit of a flock in the forest. A plethora. A wing. A surfeit.

Wouldn’t it just be a fleet of Twizys? Or is that too boring? lol

Surely it’s a “Twiz” of twizys

Its not boring James. Its just that with its cute character and unique looks, Twizy could have another collective. A co-op of Twizys :smiley:


A twitter of Twizys
An electrification of Twizys

A pair could be a twain of Twizys or twinset of Twizys

A charge of Twizys

Superb :cool:

Love it :slight_smile:

Down here, it’s a BATTERY of Twizys.

Whatever the name, are any of you going to the meetup in the south next week?



Ace too :slight_smile:

Whoa 40.4 miles door to door. In January. On the motorway. If it was the summer I would attempt it as I have done Southampton and back 40 miles with a couple of bars left but in low temperatures I think I would be pushing it.

BTW I have the Renault Windows and what a difference. I don’t wear a hat anymore

A flock or shoal of…?

An invasion of twizy’s :mrgreen:

A Troop of Twizy’s