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Considering a purchase but have range worries

Hi, im considering buying a twizy to get me to work and back but its a 44 mile round trip and would need to be made all year round. My local dealership seem unsure so what do you guys think?? Its only on a and b roads and im 15 stone…oh and no my boss wouldnt let me plug it in at work. Thanks in advance

There is the very loose 30/50 rule, ie drive at 30mph and you get 50 miles range, drive at 50mph and you get 30 miles range. Lots of other factors affect the range, like temperature, lights etc. 44 miles in the winter is borderline, I would say. If you really want a cheap commuter car, I would suggest look elsewhere. The Twizy is a toy imho. There are far more sensible, economical and practical eco boxes about.

As said, unless you,drive at 30 mph or less, I think you would struggle in the winter, at -3 or 4 the range does drop off a fair bit, but most of my trip is flat out or at 40 mph +

No chance in winter with lights and heated screen on as needed, unless you drive at speeds so slow it would be dangerous.

My 32 mile trip was possible in winter with careful driving, some hills and keeping in with A/B road traffic, but even that had me crawling the last couple of miles on occasions, even with 100% on the meter on start up. They replace the battery only if it holds less than 75% charge, so forget it.

Just find an alternative plug in source other than at work, or discuss a deal with your boss who could get positive publicity if the local paper ran an article about it.

The Twizy is ace, but you’re pushing it too far with this. I’d have a Citigo in all honesty for this, unless you sort your charge point out. It is best for fun or as a London commuter for someone with a small secure covered parking space and charge facilities at work, where otherwise parking would be costly and CC would be an issue.

Agree with mender, it wouldn’t be worth the stress and aggravation if you can’t sort out a charge point at work.

Chances are you wouldn’t manage that trip in the winter anyway, but what happens for example if there are road works and you’re diverted meaning an extra mile or two?

You could always try and borrow a Twizy to test it out in winter?

44 miles is on the limit in the Summer, not a chance in Winter :frowning:


The daily range anxiety would make you a basket case - as the others have said, it’s just not worth the risk.

Thanks for the advice. Such a shame but nevermind. The appeal of a cheap to run mode of transport just to get me to work is getting closer but it looks like the twizy is not the answer. It wont be long before you can clip on a solar panel or ranges increase but i think the alternatives at the minute are just out of my price range. Thanks again and keep having fun!!!

I’m afraid the Twizy, while by far the cheapest (4 wheeled) electric vehicle to run, is not actually that much cheaper than the best small efficient cars. I think you can only really justify a Twizy for the fun, or on environmental grounds. There’s a fine geek article here which, despite its title, shows that if you include battery rental, a Renault Zoe is only cheaper to run than petrol and particularly diesel equivalents at high mileages that it will never achieve!

I wrote an article about the range of my Twizy, how it should decay in time and what to do to preserve the lithium-ion battery. Hope it can help…


I have just registered with the forum and found this post but it has just dashed my hope of owning a Twizy both for commuting to work and for fun.

I was hoping to sale my Peugeot 3008 diesel in September 2014 (valued at 6,000 GBP) to purchase a second hand Renault Twizy with doors & the extra windows. The main reason is to dramatically cut down on all the cost of travelling back and forward to work as well as saving the planet. My daily (rtn) commuting journey is on average 33 miles (53 kilometers) with no motorways and an average speed of +/- 40mph + traffic jams. I thought it was ideal for the Twizy even with the cost of the battery rental. I currently travel from Uxbridge (Hillingdon) to Windsor (Berkshire) and public transport is a NO option due to the area to cover and the lack of Public Transport options. I am hoping to be able to recharge from work if needed and the car park is underground.

A scooter is also not an option as I will use the Twizy everyday during the summer as well as the winter. I don’t mind the cold as long as I don’t get too wet.

One of my question was:

  • Can you reasonably travel in cold winter with snow on the road and do the batteries runs out too quickly due to the cold conditions and shorter days having to have the headlights on in the morning and in the evening. I am guessing the answer is yes but by how much - I think I have seen all the answers on this post.

Shame as using it during the summer was going to be fun as well as economical. But I cannot drive constantly at a maximum speed of 30 mph in the winter just to make sure I will reach the end of my 16.3 miles journey to work and vice versa if I cannot recharge at work every day.
I am not completely giving up and will speak with the management to see if I can charge at the workplace and if they can contribute to the very low cost of charging.


Thank you for this interesting and essential question. As you say, I think yes that’s in the range of the Twizy but I believe that the best is to ask to people being in the same conditions. It’s not my case 'cause I live in the south of France. I’m going to ask to my FB group. I know that some of them have quite similar conditions (east of France with very cold winters) I let you know.

I think a range of 33-35 miles should not be a problem for the Twizy, even in the winter. You will soon learn how to drive it for the best range, with plenty of lift off regeneration when appropriate. I regularly get more than 50 miles per charge.
You will LOVE it in the summer, like now. Winter is not so good, but tolerable. Got to be better than a scooter or unreliable public transport. I have said this before, it is probably not the most sensible or even the cheapest way to commute, but you will have FUN!!

I’d agree-he should be able to charge at work too, so it will be doddle as the 33-35 miles is the length return journey.

If it was 35 miles with no chance of charging, in winter and the battery de-graded to 75% charge only (not seen this occurring yet) it would be risky!

One of the FB group members says
“[FONT=Helvetica]moi je n’ai jamais eu de soucis à faire les 55 kms même avec -5 , feux allumés, siège chauffant etc etc par contre il faudra réduire un peu la vitesse pour être plus serein”
My translation “I never had any problem with 55km even with -5°C, headlights on, heating seat on, and so on , but it’s necessary to reduce a bit the speed just to be sure.”[/FONT]

I live in an hilly area and 36miles range is the limit in sub zero temps. The good thing is that the Twizy handles the snow very well better than a lot of cars.

I don’t use windows they don’t help much and are just a pain. You do not get wet while driving. Although stop to long and the rain blows in. Bad weather has never stopped me driving the Twizy. The winter of 12/13 did see me wearing a motorbike coat to keep warm, but not last winter.

Thank you very much for all the information. I have also learned that the headlights and other electrical equipment used a separate 12V battery so should not affect the main battery too much while charged. The other good new is that I will be able to recharge form work when needed.

I really want to give it a go and the Peugeot 3008 will have its final holiday trip to my home town in Chambery France before I swap it for a Twizy in September. I have also discover this website after watching a program on French television showing Twizy used on snow for fun and it is happening right in my French back yards… have a look at the link.


Thanks for your help.

Here is my Twizy in the snow on a hill that is steeper than it looks.

You will see I deliberately brake traction on the way up and slide down to see what would happen. No issues at all. So there is a further video of be sliding it round.

Ah nice one, glad to hear you are still thinking of getting a Twizy. My commute is currently around 17 miles each way (along the A6 from Preston to Lancaster) and at least half of the journey is at around 50mph the other half being mixed between 20/30/40 mph and the Twizy does fine, I normally charge it up at work and give it a little top up charge at home just to make sure but I’m pretty sure I could get to work and back on one charge so you should be fine especially if your work will let you charge it there.

Good to see it does so well in the snow as well, I got mine after that winter so I’ve managed to miss any snow so far.


I am actually quite exited about the prospect of owning a Twizy. I will start searching for a second hand Twizy with doors by the end of August and hope to get a good selection to choice from as they are not that many on the web right now.