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Considering getting a Twizy, range / battery life ponderings

Hi Everyone,

This looks like a great forum! I’m considering buying a Twizy but, like most people, I’m concerned about the range. More specifically, I’m concerned about what a Twizy’s range is like when it’s old, but before Renault will replace the battery? How are people getting on with their batteries degrading, and do Renault actually replace them when the range is reduced? Or do they just pretend like it’s fine and tell you that you’re just using it wrong?

I’m sure I could find the answer to all this elsewhere if I went digging, but if someone could help that’d be much appreciated? I’d like to be able to get to work & back; my most Tiwzy-friendly route I think would be a 21.4 mile round trip, roughly comprising:

*]1.1 miles of stop/start sub-25mph (flat)
*]8.0 miles of relatively congestion-free 50mph limit (some gradients, overall no altitude change)

*]1.6 miles of 25-45mph (mostly slight downhill followed by a shorter/steeper uphill climb)
*]Return journey is the reverse.

So, I guess my questions are:
(1) Would a Twizy make this 21.4 mile round trip, including 16 miles of [getting on towards] Vmax when it’s new?
(2) Would it make it when it’s 2 or 3 years old and the weather’s cold?

Sadly, no chance of charging at work.

I’ve got test drive booked on Friday, really looking forward to it! Hopefully it’ll be raining so I can see just how bad it is in our normal weather conditions…


The twizy will do 21 miles always, even when the battery degrades.

As a thumb rule, you will always be able to do 30 miles. Even when it’s cold and even when you are driving fast. When the battery degrades to 75 % of the original capacity, it will be replaced. 30 miles * 0.75 = 22.5 miles.
Up to now, no twizy battery degraded significantly. I drove now more than 20,000 miles in one and a half year and it’s still the original capacity.

You can upgrade the twizy’s speed from 52 mph to 57 mph btw. It’s a german tuning box and costs 500 €.

It’s not so warm now (at least in germany) so try out your round trip when you get your test drive. You will still have some charge left when you’re done :slight_smile:

22 miles in the winter with hills is easy to do in a Twizy. In the summer you should do two days.
My Twizy is 2 years old, no battery capacity loss. I use my everyday through the frost and snow, living in the Pek district I get some steep hills, worse case was approx 36miles range.

I’ve only done a little over 3000km since february, but have to say that the battery is still doing fine. Actually it’s doing better and better along with the weather. I got flat roads here and 85+km on a single charge is easy for me. It gives me high hopes to read that other owners still have good battery performance after 20k miles.
the only thing i noticed is a fast but little voltage drop right after charging it to 100%. So I take that in to account when charging it before i go anywhere.
If i charge it to 100% and let it sit for 2 hours and then drive it, i notice that it starts regen-braking right away when i take my foot of the pedal.

Coming up too 2 years and not noticed a reduction in battery. Will cover 26 miles on a charge with about 30-32% battery still in reserve, so could do more, just not always enough to cover that third trip.

5000 on the clock.

In short you will be fine.

I do 25.2 miles each way to work and back and have 8 per cent left. I charge at work now though just to make sure. Very similar terrain to your journey. Am selling soon though as am getting a new car, will still be electric though.
Hope that helps

6500 miles on mine now, and still the same as when new as far as I can see, drive mine mostly flat out or fast, and 36. Miles is easy.

This is all fantastic news, many thanks for the replies everyone!

Not that I’d ever do this, but if you did 20,000 miles in 1.5 years, would that make the battery rental very, very expensive?

My Twizy is two years old and has just clocked up 7000 Miles, I use it in all weathers
There is no battery degradation yet that I can see.
I do a 16 Mile round trip commute every day, 6 miles of that is flat out, the rest is mixed speeds.
When I put the Twizy on charge each day it has approx. 65% battery left in the summer and approx. 59% battery left in Winter.