Considering switching from Twizy to moped

I have a new job in London and there is just nowhere nearby to park the Twizy. Yet it seems there are so many places throughout London to park motorbikes/mopeds/bicicyles, usually for free!

After thinking about this for a bit it seems it would probably work out cheaper to commute by moped than to pay for an Oyster card and leave my Twizy at home, losing me £45 per month on battery hire.

This is the problem with battery hire, when the Twizy isn’t being used so much, and even when you’ve bought the Twizy outright, you still have that monthly commitment which is hard to swallow if it’s just sitting there. At least with a conventional ICE car you only pay for what you use.

The only problem is, I would have to take my CBT just to ride a moped and then a practical test to ride anything over 50cc. What are other’s thoughts on this?

Your choice. Mopeds can be dangerous and no stoage as such. They are colder and wetter than the Twizy, however they can be fun if your trip is not to far.
As you say cheaper. I had a car and a motorbike, but got rid of both after getting the Twizy.

I have a 49cc scooter (kymco New Dink) besides my twizy. I use when i need to go places out of the twizy’s range (or there where is not outlet to charge). But actually it’s just standing there, being expensive furniture. It’s fun to drive tho and with 42km to a liter of fuel it’s not that big of a guzzler. Can do about 68km/h.

Some modern 50s are well thought out and fun, with storage for a helmet and decent lights, but even though you get chance to filter and more places to park, the safety in London is the thing to consider.

I had a 50 at age 16 and progressed through 125s, 250s, 600s up to a Bandit 1200 then a BMW R1200RT and for a laugh last year bought a new 125 again to run about on.
Problem with smaller stuff is lack of “safety” power where you can accelerate out of harms way, there’s no ABS and your profile is smaller so you are less visible-but they are light, manouverable and fun.

Why not do your CBT anyway and see if you like it? It’s only £130 and a fun day anyway and you’ll have an idea at the end of it what you want to do.

Not being able to filter in the Twizy is a killer when you’re used to a bike!

Slightly OT
My brother is doing a similar thing, but bigger!
Piaggio make Scooters with 3 Wheels, two at the front and one at the back.

They vary in size from 300cc upto 500cc and you can drive them on a Car Licence! :slight_smile:
Piaggio realised a couple of years ago that if they widened the track a fraction and fitted a foot brake, it could be reclassed as a Tricycle.
The same as a Reliant Robin.
My brother is seriously thinking about buying one.


Loads of them abroad, seen a few in London too.

It’s madness that you don’t need a full bike licence though-I’d hate to see a novice rider on one.
I worked up from 50cc auto to 50cc geared, to 125 geared, 250, 600, 1000, 1200 and still had a few issues along the way-you need to be aware that bikes are affected differently to cars by drain covers, potholes, cambers, white lines, crosswinds and the whole trick is to position yourself to be seen by everyone.

Cant you find parking space near your work or is it too expensive? With the twizy i can find parking space nearly everywhere. The space between two cars is most of the time enough to park in right angle to the street.

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The problem James has is his job is in London and parking is not good. But it may be an option to park somewhere near even if the last bit of the journey is by tube etc. Or get an Eccofunky cycle rack for his Twizy.:smiley:

What do you mean by “parking is no good”?
I mean, driving is better, but whats wrong with parking :slight_smile:

I think James ability park is good. :smiley: What I meant was - It is NOT easy to park in London and where you can is very expensive. There is very little room for car parks etc in the capital. So space is at a premium and something has to go.

The Piaggio 3-wheelers cannot be driven on a car licence. Only the 125cc LT model. The 400cc model needs a full A bike licence, I know, because I sold my 400cc to get the Twizy! The LT model has a foot brake and only this will be allowed on a car licence.

The Piaggio 3-wheelers cannot be driven on a car licence. Only the 125cc LT model. The 400cc model needs a full A bike licence, I know, because I sold my 400cc to get the Twizy! The LT model has a foot brake and only this will be allowed on a car licence.

Sorry, but you can drive the LT Versions on a Car Licence.
All the latest models upto 500cc have foot brakes and can be driven/ridden on a Car Licence.

Taken straight from Piaggio UK Website
[FONT=arial black]“Both can be operated with only a normal car driving license, a Class “B” license.”[/FONT]


Er - ONLY the LT model can be driven with

Er ONLY the LT models can be driven with a car licence the bulk of them are standard bikes and require a full bike licence - or is that what you were trying to say?

The fact they have 3 wheels is not the issue!

All I said was that Piaggio make scooters upto 500cc that can be ridden on a Car licence


Wow, that’s some machine for a novice to get onto without formal bike training…! 500cc on a car licence with no further training seems bonkers to me.

Thanks for posting-v interesting.

Yep. theres some strange laws about.
Good Job because I do the opposite and drive the Twizy on my Bike Licence! :smiley:


You have some nice EV options too… Those two are my favourites:
Shanghai Customs

These are my vehicles. But I have to say that if I bought Twizy, I have not used 125. So it will be sold in spring. Twizy takes the best parts from two worlds. Is incredibly happy with it.

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