Conversion to autonomous driving


I am looking at converting a Twizy to autonomous driving. I was wondering if anyone has experience of the braking, steering and engine control systems. I will need to make modifications to these so that I can control them from my computer systems.

So any help or details of the mechanics /electrics would be a great help.


I’m not entirely sure, but I’d say both the steering and braking are purely mechanical, so probably no help there.

As for engine control, you can probably have a look at the OVMS code specific for the Twizy. OVMS is a microcontroller in a box that speaks to the Twizy via the OBD2 interface /Can Bus. They modify a lot of engine/power parameters and I think the also read the accelerator pedal position (I’m not sure, but at least they can detect a kickdown).

OVMS = Open Vehicle Management or Monitoring System

You can find the code in GitHub.


Thank you - this is a very helpful lead