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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Cool Twizy Wraps

I thought I would start a thread for all the cool Twizy wraps out there so we can keep track of them all. I’ll start it off with this one I’ve seen on Twitter, very clever!

I honestly don’t think I could top that, but I’d love something similar for my Twizy! :slight_smile:

Safari Twizy

I just got my Twizy (need to take decent pics to post - soon) and i am already thinking on doing some “customizing” on it. I got a family member with an extraordinary good taste and gift for art work and i am thinking of asking her to do my Twizy (phrase didnt come out right…). But how to do it? I like this wraping idea but how will she do it? Are there computer stencils/templates available so that she can “do her thing” and then print and wrap?
All help is welcome. Thanks.

Haha saw this on Twitter, brilliant! Is this yours?

Excellent :slight_smile:

G’Day James ,yes have had the Twizy since January this year. Must say this is an excellent Forum,the information,from this site is excellent,well done.

This is the new Renault logo!!
Will it go on the Twizy or is it too rude!

How Scenic!

What a Grand Espace!

Is that Zoe?

Works well on the Renault Wind, or…wait for it…ClioTourers

I’ll get my coat

Do an internet search for sign and graphics companies that do wraps based on your own designs. There will be a few dotted around your area if your lucky. Printing your own design will cost more than if you choose one from off the shelf but would be much cooler and would literally make your Twizy one of a kind. It takes the best part of a day for the wrap to be applied which I don’t think is bad considering the curves on the bodywork and you will have one of those childish butterfly moments when you see it for the first time!!! After which the smile factor of the Twizy will go into overdrive. I would look at getting a one off design done for mine next time but loving this thread, some really good ideas already out there! G.