Cornish Twizlers


I maybe moving back home at some point - is anyone using them in Cornwall and may invest one as my first car! What’s your experience?



Check out @wildfireone

Yup - had mine about a week and loving it! I have the “Flame Orange” with no doors (bring it on, hounds of winter!) and am having the blanket and bag attach points fitted on wednesday.

So-far, so EXCELLENT.

Wife and I are both ex-bikers - three young lads means that’s not such a sensible option for us right now - but they can ride one at a time in the Twizy - and we have a car if more than one can bear to spend time with us at the same time…!

I am using it to and from work (7.5 miles each way) and HAVE driven in the rain - it’s simply not a problem. Being a biker, I can honestly say that I don’t anticipate much of a problem at any time of year; lights on, jacket on, gloves on - winter should be survivable and for the worst of days there’s the blanket or the car.

Got solar at home, so there’s at-least a contribution to charging if not “Free”.

Gets FAR more attention than I anticipated, and I’ve found that consistently the only anything like negative attitude is from BMW drivers! Go figure.

  • Richard.

All good stuff. I came from a a motor bike, which I sold after finding the Twiy was as good in the snow as my Trail bike. I do have doors but no windows and have now been through 3 winters without issue.