Cornish Twizy for Sale!

Price: £3,800
Location: West Cornwall (yaaay!)
Year: 2015
No. of Owners: 1
Mileage: less than 4,000 miles

Hi, All;

Looks like I’m going to have to sell my beloved Twizy.

Having written off our 10 month old Zoe last weekend (Nobody was hurt – the car protected me amazingly well from being rammed in the passenger-side rear by a Land Rover – my first accident in 15 years of driving and hopefully my last ever…), it is less than certain what is happening regards insurance. FYI – I’m a Z.E. advocate as I know many of you are – we charge with solar contribution at home, etc. so I may well write up my experience for the site sometime… The fact that there is a battery in play is the main concern - which was raised with the insurance company as possibly needing separate insurance but they clearly stated that effectively without a battery, an electric car is a tin can so of-course that is covered, too… Means that as well as the massive year one loss in value of the car, there is a “£6,000” battery to contend with…

With a wife and three boys for whom the Zoe was our family car – the Twizy isn’t cutting it! And anyway – I’m taking it to work every day. We’re borrowing a car at the moment but that can’t last long – the insurance claim could… And there could be a finance deficit to deal with (No “GAP” insurance. I thought insuring against the possibility that my fully comprehensive insurance could fall short was like buying snake oil. Live and learn.)
So there’s a Twizy available to one lucky punter!

If you’ve been in and around West Cornwall over the last year, chances are you’ve seen me on the roads – I’m a constant Dad’s taxi outside Twizzing of to and from work on the A30 between Camborne and Redruth daily. I’m frequently at Gwithian taking the youngest surfing, Praze / Clowance, Helston, Penzance and as far out as Newquay (Though I have to charge there to get home again!).

It’s an Orange doorless model – as close to a motorcycle as my Wife lets me get until the boys are older – with a few extras… Orange Alloy wheels, a Renault original fitted Jupe (blanket!) and Renault original mudflaps (essential!). I also have Kenneth’s powerbox fitted in the left storage pod and have fitted one of the clip-on sunvisors you can find elsewhere on the forum. I can certify that this is likely the most fun you’ll have on four wheels!! I keep it undercover (Car port). I have had the “Sticky brakes” issue noted elsewhere and had the entire brake calliper replaced by Renault.

It was bought new from Renault last June / July (2015), and has done under 4,000 miles since then – but I’m still driving it daily… Obviously that means mfr. Guarantees etc. still apply and there’s no MOT for almost 2 more years.
I’m going to be asking £3,800 inc. the powerbox. I can of-course REMOVE the powerbox if preferred. I might move A LITTLE if asked very nicely!

Cornwall is definitely the place to drive the Twizy. They are currently flying around the Eden project for the express reason that they draw attention. So if you’re the shy, retiring type I advise that you steer well clear. You WILL be pointed at / laughed at / asked a ton of questions (always starting with “How far can you go on a charge and at what speed”) and will generally become a person of interest when you park. I frequently return to the car to find a small crowd has gathered.
You’ll need a normal 13amp socket available nearby to charge it, and we will have to organise to move the battery rental over to you (Mine is a 4,500 mile per annum contract at £45pcm – I’m sure you could increase that if you wanted to. The rental covers the battery against degradation or failure).

Please contact me via a reply to this site if you have an interest – It’s likely to be available from the beginning of next-week (22nd August) - you’ll have the most fun in the summer months which is why I’m doing this now, I’d rather enjoy August and September (We Cornish get to reclaim the local roads in September…) in the Twizy myself, but needs must.

  • Richard.

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Sorry to hear that you’re now having to sell the Twizy Richard. It would be a shame if anyone tried to squeeze you on the price after what’s happened, I think it’s a decent price for a Twizy with the powerbox!

I’d love to see a write up of the whole insurance situation once it’s all been resolved. Good luck with everything and hopefully it won’t take too long before someone takes the Twizy off your hands :slight_smile:

Did you sell your Twizy in the end @Richard_Anthony? Not seen you whizzing about in a while!

Hi there!

Yup - It went pretty quickly actually…

Missing it immediately - pretty sure I’ll get another - or something similar (maybe Toyota’s will come to the UK sometime!) within a couple of years…

Got to talk to some lovely people via this site who called with an interest in either the Twizy, powerbox or Jupe - it a great community of likeminded people.

  • Richard.