Correct procedure to adjust handbrake?

It’s coming to that time of year again and I have the dreaded MOT looming fast.
There is no way my car will pass with the handbrake as it is.
It had a new rear caliper fitted last MOT but it still was not very good, but at least the garage gave it a MOT!
All the garage did last year was to adjust the cable slack.
I have read that you have to wind the rear pistons out to take up the excessive play and then adjust the cable free Play???
This sounds exactly what my Twizy needs!
So does anyone know how far you wind the pistons out???


@Normsthename It is hard to describe as I have only ever seen it done once and not by me. @Lightly did mine. Take the rear wheel off and look at the caliper there is a slot in the side about 1.5 to 2" long and .25" wide into which you stick a flat bladed screwdriver to use as a lever. then it is a matter of unscrewing the piston by rotating the screwdriver upwards.(on one side and on the other wheel downwards) to make the piston stick out further before the handbrake is applied.

Before you start make sure there is slack in the cable. Wind the pistons out and then adjust the cable. What Mark did with mine was reset the handbrake cable back to the original (new) position and then adjust the pistons to the correct position (so the brakes are not locke don!) and then make any minor adjustments to the cable.

Thanks :smiley:
Thats this weekends job sorted!