Cost of a charge for the Twizy

Hi all,
Just wondering if anybody could point me in the direction of some facts about the cost of a charge for a Twizy. Basically I work for the Fire Service and have used my Twizy a few times to commute. There are plenty of waterproof external 3 pin (UK) sockets available externally so I thought I would ask the question to management about the possibility of plugging in occasionally if needed. I don’t think there will be a massive amount of opposition to it, but I just wanted to make sure I have the blessing of the organisation.

I have claimed the amount of electricity required to charge from empty is approximately 60 pence. However, I have not got anything to back this up. Are there any sources out there that can back this claim up? I guess there must be some way of working it out technically, but this would have to be linked into the cost per unit of electricity at the time.

On a similar note, and after talking to the operational manager in charge of Transport, he has agreed that there is going to be more of a focus on having to provide regular hook up points for EVs in the service. I live in Derby and there is a push for a green zone, something that I think will be appearing in most of the large cities in the developed world. They are installing EHUs in the city center station for a fleet of three electric vehicles which will be owned by our service to ensure operations within the city. All good stuff in my eyes. However, for me with my 3 pin plug, no additional financial outlay to provide a hook up solution, and the right information as proof, I am hoping i will have the blessing of the service to charge at work. :slight_smile:

Any help much appreciated


Well, the Twizy has a 6.1kWh battery installed. So for simplicity sake assuming you are using the full capacity of the battery and your electricity is 10p per kWh, then 60p is about right.

I’m sure @osbrook could probably give you more accurate information though!

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LOL The efficiency of the charger means you are looking at 8KWh to charge from 0 to 100%

so 8 times your Electric KWH rate. Somewhere between 40p and £1:40 for a full charge. But who ever lets it get down to 0%? unless trying or by mistake.

So the same as @james said. :slight_smile:

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Thanks chaps. I’ll have a look at our price per kWh and get the figures. Although I guess the fire service will need to figure out what they pay for it to be relevant. Appreciate you’re feedback :grin:

If it makes any difference, the London Fire Brigade have actually bought BMW i3s for their officers! I’ve seen a few around in FIRE colours, and my cousin who’s an officer apparently has one!