Couple of questions

Just about to drive the car for the first time, it was delivered to my parents house yesterday.

It only came with one key, is that correct or did you all get two? I was expecting a second.

For the Battery hire, do you just complete the form and send that off to Renault? Do they chase you if you don’t send it and is there a view on people not feeling this is needed now (I read some of the battery thread and it seems strange that they would change the same price for a 2 yr old battery rental as a brand new one)


You should get 2 keys. In my case the battery lease was entered online by the Renault dealer.


Cheers, I purchased from a normal second hand dealer so not sure they would have done this

Sorry another question, should it have a number plate on the front as well?

Mine only has one on the back

Two keys should have been supplied.
Battery rental depends on who agreed it. If the dealer said it was required, did they give you a date when it would start? If not it is up to them to pay it, if the original owner handed the contract over, else they need to keep paying!

Set aside the money Just in case but don’t chase RCI. As long as they have someone’s details to pay the rental they don’t care.

I’m afraid the battery rental is the same regardless of battery age or state (as long as it is over 70%). It also covers recovery if you get a flat battery etc.

The number plate is still in debate. True quads don’t need one, but cars do. Heavyweight quads like the Twizy appear to depend on the shape!

I have a front number plate but others don’t. Get the dealer to make one up and send over and you can fit if required latter.

Thanks Osbrook, so there are no details from the dealer, he was a just a second hand dealer and when I asked him about the battery he didn’t know (So I am not expecting him to be paying anything).

Included in the paperwork is a Finance proposal form from Renault Finance, but no other details on who is currently paying it

Dealers have around 3 months grace on the battery rental. So expect RCI to chase the dealer then and a follow up afterwards if the dealer passes on your details.

Then argue about the start date being only from when RCI contact you and that the dealer should have being paying as you did get any details. RCI sometimes loose the trail.

i am with chris on this i would leave it as long as possible however they can approach dvla and get your details so it wont take them long

I spoke with the DVLA who got me to ring the DLVC on the front number plate - they reckon that it has to have it

I was told by my mot tester that the twizy MUST have a full size front number plate, or he is instructed to refuse an mot.

Same for me when I collected my ex demo Twizy from a Renault dealer. No front number plate and so far the police don’t seems to take any notice of the fact that I don’t have a front plate.

At least @Cheekychappie doesn’t have to try and buy a number plate in england, the dealer will need to provide it as it is obviously required and the Twizy should not have been sold without.

ah I just bought the front one for £15, wasn’t too bad. Nice to drive as well.

Everyone looks and points- I suppose you just get used to that!

sorry one other question - Tax, do you still have to do this even though its a zero rate? Not sure if it has it or not

yes you still have to apply even though no money changes hands :laughing:

Yeap, you have to do the tax to ensure it is Mot’ed and insured.

Thanks Tax all done now and paperwork sent off for my plates to be transferred across!

Got a sum total on a mile and a half on the clock today but enjoyed every inch