Cover for twizy without doors

Hi can anyone recommend a cover for a twizy without doors ? The wing mirrors are in a different position to the version with the doors. One is mounted on the frame and the other is mounted on the door.

Just purchased the original black and white Renault cover and just found it it does not fit our version without doors.

I also have this for sale now if anyone is interested.


Hi Anthony
This company make superb indoor and outdoor covers for the Twizy starting at £199.

The one I have seen, of their’s, is the outdoor version called Stormshield starting at £299. The one that is listed on their website is for a Twizy with doors but I am certain they will make one for you. Just tell them that you have the version without doors, and that the door mirrors are in a different position. They may ask to see yours or the location of another vehicle without doors, if they have not already got the patterns. It is certainly worth getting in contact with them.
Hope this helps.

Thankyou, I will give them a call to see what the can do.

I was ideally looking for the top cover that my wife can quickly put on when she goes to work. hopefully they should be able to do something.

Looked at the cover also but they have told me it only fits the one with doors

If you want to PM me about the cover you have, I am interested.

I bought one of these and am quite satisfied.
It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s cheap, goes on fast, and is suitable for all weather.
I don’t think it’s designed specifically for the Twizy, as it’s slightly baggy, but it does the job.
This isn’t the exact product image, but it gives you an idea of how baggy it is.

hi Jonathon,

Not sure how to send a pm . only just joined the forum and a new twizy owner.

It is the original Renault top cover. But for some reason they don’t sell it in the uk (I contacted several Renault dealers). It is on the german Renault website though.

Please note though it only fits the twizy with the doors, i.e has the wing mirrors are offset.

here is a picture.

I paid £165 which is a saving on the new price. just looking to recoup my money really.



Have sent you a message

I have the one from Specialised covers, its expensive but well worth it. They should have the template for both Twizys, if they dont they will make one for you.


Thankyou for the picture. Looks really good. I will enquire to see what they offer tomorrow.

How’s about this?
It was an outdoor table cover, but almost a perfect fit. Bought in Lidl for £4.99 !!!
Trouble with Lidl is, when it’s gone it’s gone. They don’t seem to restock.
Actually I never use it. Where are you?

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Love it :slight_smile:

These covers have just appeared on eBay

I’m still using the Halford 3 bike cover I got in a sale.

Interesting. One thing I did note from using larger covers, is the condensation build up. Dont want to be getting a mouldy steering wheel again!
The smart cover I found cost less than half that price and looks to fit just as well.

I am beginning to wish I had never posted this! I was hoping it would be helpful - sorry everyone.