Cracked headlamp at twizy

Did anyone had problems with the headlamp? Mine cracked last winter , I suspect due to thermal stress, when probably some ice or cold water ran over the surface of the lamp. The glass is very hot due to poor thermal design of the headlamp, it heats at nearly 100 degrees celsius.

hmm thats an unusal problem , certainly i haven’t seen that before.

are the bulbs fitted standard power output?

i replaced my bulbs with LED ones in 2016 and haven’t had any problems.

Standard, in fact they were original bulbs. I changed one of them because it burned, but the crack happened before that.
I expect to be an unusual problem because fewer people use twizy in winter and there is less chance to expose that glass to low temperature and thermally shock it. But I use it heavily, no matter the temperature, and in my area it can be -15…-20 celsius in the coldest days.

i agree your temperature must be below the operational temperature of the headlight beam unit.

hope you can get it fixed.

I will go these days to the showroom to get it fixed in warranty. I expect them to be less than cooperant, definitely they will say something hit it and it is not a matter of warranty. We’ll see…

I think you can argue there is no impact mark on the lens and its failed due to weather conditions , good luck :+1:

Any idea if the twizy headlamp is a part specific to twizy or if it is installed on other models?

It’s a standard Motor cycle head light. ie. neither left or right sided. You will find several option on this board including LED ones.

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I am surprised the headlights haven’t been upgraded in the 2020 versions.
As mentioned the LED day maker is an easy and very good upgrade.
I did find on some kitcar websites proper e-marked replacements, but all cost more than the LED upgrade i have now done. I confirm they are non sided / directional lights, same on all versions of the Twizy worldwide! Have a search for 5.75" headlights, plenty to choose from if Renault part is too expensive!

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I’ve seen cracked headlights on several Twizys in Norway. Probably is due to thermal stress. Get some LED headlights on eBay, so much better.

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As expected, renault said the cracked lamp due to thermal shock is not a matter of warranty.