Cracks in rear seat support base

On drilling out the rivet in the rear seat pad in order to access the filler cap to change the oil, we noticed some cracks in the support base.

We expected some around the rivet where previous owners had probably tugged at the seat to try and remove it but there was quite a long crack on the nearside edge.
Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, how did you repair it please?

Should be an easy repair. You need to drill a small hole at the very end of each crack, this relieves the stress and stops the crack getting any bigger.

You then have a few choices. I have a plastic staple kit which would melt stainless rods in to reinforce it. (where are you based?) You could patch it with some fibre glass kit from halfords then smooth it and spray it the same colour or look at plastic padding or JB weld kits or even plastic welding. As it is not seen you could just glue over a plastic panel and re-drill the hole.

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Hi Toby, many thanks for such a prompt, helpful reply. Husband had already considered marine ply but I imagine that will end up pretty thick and heavy so one of your repair suggestions sounds good. I’m actually based not far from you just outside Cranleigh, about 10 miles south of Guildford. I’ve listed my Twizy on the ‘Show us your Twizy’ thread if you want to see her. I’ve been bowled over by the amount of informed people with helpful information on the Twizy forum. I got my husband to check the 12v battery first thing and, sure enough it was knackered and swelling badly. I’m dreading the charger needing replacing as, when and if.

Hi, great news that you are close. If you guys need to use my plastic staple gun then you can pop over and borrow it or use it here. I am actually based near Grayshott so within range and you can put it on charge here. I probably also have enough spare carbon fibre and fibreglass to do the repair here to help.

Hopefully your charger will be fine.

Nice Pics Jane…Good colour scheme, great plate and I do like an XJS!

The old plate 13 BHP was clever too