CrazyTwizy has heart failure. Blown relay and over 60V codes

As I am having a blast to and from work, the Twizy has been going through its paces for the past 3 weeks as increasingly take it to work. Today, after the charge top up, I decide to go home to have a tragic situation on my hands. I get in, turn the key clockwise to see the battery scroll up and down to show full charge. Crank it, released the break, put in reverse, it pulls back 6 inches and pops out of gear to neutral and the STOP red light shows up with the “!” On the battery icon. Oh oh, I broke the toy :frowning: - yep, it was stuck in death mode. Called Renault roadside assistance, 1.5hrs later I am at the dealer pulling the codes. 60V warning and a blown relay code. I had to settle for a taxi home since no loaners were available. Apparently it’s not a quick fix. I suspect the voltage regulator since the over 60V shouldn’t be happening. 3 weeks to cardiac arrest, damn, that sucks. Anyone ever had this situation?

Have Renault sorted your issue yet ?

Hi Lightly, the Renault dealership had to send the two codes to Renault Technical Service Team in France. The outcome is to do a full Battery replacement since the relay is in the battery housing and given its the main relay on giving power to the motor, and that it was stuck to ON, the France tech team need to capture the issue. This means I got a week of waiting for a new battery. In the mean time, they are giving me a loaner car (back to fossil fuels again

Oops… Cntd… I have asked the dealership to show me the failure if they can, once they take out the battery pack they will let me know. At this stage the only diagnosis is electronic, nothing physical yet. At least I get a new battery out of the deal :wink: not so sure about the loaner tho… I miss my Twizy :confused:

At least you are getting something done, this sounds like an unusual issue, hope you get mobile again soon.

I have asked for a KERS upgrade, they were not amused :smiley: I do like that 13sec 97hp feature on the F1 Twizy :slight_smile: - got a nice car for the time being, Renault are being real accommodating about the problem. It’s all you could have hoped for. :wink:

Picking up my Twizy tomorrow, new battery, had a full health check. Can’t wait!! :slight_smile:

So I go get the Twiz, and on a nice sunny day too. Drop off the rental, pick up the charged little demon and get to work. Not sure what they did but the brakes were even smoother and inaudible, just perfect and no rolling resistance. Ahhhhh back in it was pure joy again. However the joy was short lived…

I wrapped work early, and decided to get going at 4pm. Driving back home almost fully charged, just one bar short of full. On my way home I drive by the dealership, and continue on toward my home town… However 1.5 miles past the dealership, at a major junction, the SAME failure happens. yep, the Twizy has another cardiac arrest, leaves me stranded with just a STOP on my ignition start with an exclamation mark on the battery.

Back the Renault assistance to get the car towed back, after almost 3hrs of being lied to that they will be there within 30-40mins, I decided to push the Twizy back to the dealership. I am so glad that the rolling resistance was so well tuned! Coasted in downhills, and pushing it on the road with hazards on. Thankfully the dealership retained my hire car from earlier, however, this time it’s time to dig in technically on what’s going on.

When I picked up the car, the service manager had a stack of paperwork on the ticket, none was for me. Actually, I got nothing, just my key. I asked to look at the old battery, I was denied, the whole service was top secret. I asked where it is going back to, and the destination is Renault Engineering. So they are capturing the battery to study it’s failure. Well, now it seems we got the same failure, happened the same way, same symptoms. And this time I am going to get technical on the Root Cause of the failure, not just replace the damaged part.

Let’s just say it was not the adventure I was looking for on a Friday evening. I am sad I don’t have the Twizy, and dreading a 2 week repair again. At this rate it’s been at Renault more than in my possession. Let’s hope they sort out this situation properly this time. CrazyTwizy out! :frowning:

I suspect it s not fit for purpose did you buy it from Renault or private if Renault ask for a replacement


I bought it from a reputable Renault dealership. At this rate, it will be cheaper to give me a new Twizy than keep replacing the battery pack. I am hoping that they will check the cause this time. :wink:


Sorry to hear you are having all these problems. It’s really unlucky. I think you are the first one with the failure of the traction battery, ie if that’s what it was. It’s frustrating they won’t or can’t tell you what’s wrong.

Let’s hope they can fix it before all the nice weather is gone

I think I would be tempted to refuse it on the grounds that its not of merchantable quality and ask for a replacement twizy one without issues


A quick update. The inverter that triggers the relay was intermittent apparently from the relay failure. This component feeds the relay and it is upstream from it. The dealership assures me (talking to the mechanic) that it’s that simple part - which they won’t know how long it takes to come in until tomorrow. The Renault engineers concurs on the diagnostic and are confident the Twiz will be reliable again. They had no words to say about my adventure. All they can do is fix it they said. And yes Peter, if the car fails again, it’s going in for a swap. That inverter failed triggering the computer to quit, and stranded me. That sucked, but I will persevere and hope to have it back soon. Missing my Twizy but hopeful…

Fingers crossed that its trouble free motoring for you shortly


Got the Twizy back yesterday. One inverter and a membrane later, 2 inspections, and a total of 4 weeks of repair, mostly on waiting on parts, it’s back!!! Missed the crazy thing :smiley: but have to admit Renault did pretty good on the whole thing. A fresh new battery and key main components for free brings a new life cycle for the car. Range wise, I did 40 miles comfortably today and 21% battery charge left. I still think it’s geared to hit higher than 52mph :slight_smile: