Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum)

I was wondering if we have any cryptocurrency investors on the forum? I know a lot of the members on this forum are quite technical so it wouldn’t surprise me.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then Google Ethereum or Bitcoin.

An EV charging project in Germany was recently built on top of Ethereum which is one of the first real world use cases of the technology, so that’s pretty cool.

Not to mention if you had invested in Ethereum at the beginning of this year, you would have just made a 900% return on your investment, and it’s rising daily.

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Yes to all of the above. I bought a Bitcoin at $280 a while back and 4x Ethereum at $12 around a year ago and I’m pretty happy with my investments at the moment. I was skeptival at first but now I’m disappointed that I didn’t buy more :slight_smile:
I buy through Coinbase, which just made Litecoin available too. I bought 4 already, but I’m less confident in it vs the others. Quantity wise, I’m obviously just toying around, but as side investments to simply see how it goes, it’s been pretty profitable! :money_mouth_face:

@iamlucasking well done. I missed out on bitcoin back when it was $3 because there was no easy way to buy from the UK at the time.

Fortunately I bought some Ethereum when it was $3.60. I’m pretty happy so far. Have also bought some Golem tokens (GNT) and will be buying some Storj tokens too. They’re two projects I think could do really well so just a heads up.

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Wise move on the ETH! I guess last week was pretty fun for you! I’m a bit skeptical with the multitude of various cryptocurencies that exist. My guess is only a few will survive in the end. It’s just about making the right bet on which one that is. ETH seems to be the starchild of the moment!

I bought 0.01 bitcoin as a test.

What a hassle to buy.

Tried to sell it and it’s even more hassle. Sites want too much information for you to sell it.

If I could easily sell I’d buy more.

Anyone know of an easier way to sell let me know.

There are a number of apps that make all and selling much easier these days. Each of them require you to pay a small fee for the purchase and sale of your currency, but usually quite minimal. I have been using Coinbase and and quite happy with it. I believe most if not all at will require a significant amount of information from you as many governments are requireing this to make sure people aren’t making millions of untaxed capital gains.

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