Cup holder

Hey twizy owners. Has anyone found a cup holder that works well in the twizy?

Back seat Passenger?


I’ve actually got one and it’s fitted in the car. I’ll get a pic over the next couple of days. Best thing i’ve Done to it!! Hehe

@jockywilson11 - maybe it is a human skeleton cup holder in the back seat of the Twizy :wink: - a more permanent solution?

I attached Cupholder in right side of Seat.

I very satisfy cup holder.

now I can go to Macdonald drive through

I’m also strugling with my morning ice coffe in my Twizy. Now I’m waiting for my eBay “multi” cupholder that I intend to mount on the right side of the driver seat link
I’m gonna cut the lower part that normaly goes between seat and center console and mout it with self adhesive velcro

I already have mounted sunglases case under the dashboard that way. I can send some pictures of that and also of cupholder when done.

Here is random picture with intended location

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Here is my velcro mounted sunglases case. On the Twizy side there is just self-adhesive velcro, but on the case I use some superglue since self-adhesive tape doesn’t work on the case surface well enough.

So here is the video of sunglases case and cupholder installing in my Twizy