Current new order lead times

Following from the other topic, speaking to a couple of different dealers (not in the same group), they are all coming back with a November delivery for a new car.

Looks like there are no prior build slots available to configure and very little out there at all, almost like they are built to order, which with the good sales figures surprised me.

I did find quite a nice Technic at Manchester Renault, which is almost new and has the doors and sunroof which I wanted, just awaiting them to come back to me to discuss price and a few other things, currently at £6,250.

That’s quite a good price. But push hard as it is not easy for them to shift a Twizy. Go for it if they agree to £5500 and start from there. If you get £500 off, I think you would have done well.

Ok lets hope they are not reading this haha

Renault were utterly hopeless with telling me how long delivery would take on my order placed early May last year. Initially I was told “about 8 weeks” (meaning July in my case).

Many, many conversations were had about this, but my favourite was sometime early August when the dealer phoned me and cheerfully said “just letting you know we’re still on for a September delivery!” This was the first i’d heard it wasn’t going to be August…

When I eventually took delivery of the car in October, the dealer had filled the order form in wrong which they send to the factory, so the car was the wrong colour. I wasn’t particularly pleased at having waited over 5 months for the thing to turn up, at the end of summer and in completely the wrong colour.

My advice? Same as everyone said on the other thread really: Yes, it’ll take 5 months if buying new. The depreciation is terrible. So go ahead and buy one that already exists…! I have no regrets buying the Twizy, other than, I could have had an extra summer if i’d bought a used one and would have saved a load of money in the process. (And, it would possibly even have been the colour I wanted!!)

Thanks for the feedback - I know what its like when the dealer gets something wrong, on our Audi we were missing two options, had to fight tooth and nail to get it sorted and we will get the new car with the correct options over a year from original delivery date!

Great advise though, certainly looks like new is an expensive way to go with the depreciation as it is.

I have offered £6k including delivery (which is about £300).

They can add the windows / mudflaps as well.

Will see what they say, reckon they have loads of interest in the car, but if they do that has not translated into a sale!

Interest they may have, but to make a sale at around £6K is not easy. There are too many around the £3-5K in the market. They might be a year or two older but mileages are usually low. One might argue they might be actually better as teething trouble should have been sorted out, hopefully.
Having said that if you can get delivery etc into the deal, it’s not bad. Wish you luck. Get it while weather is still good.

I noticed they have already reduced the price to £5999. Go on, offer them £5500.

Where did you see that Askho?

Might be a different car as the £6,200 was still on autotrader this morning

The one at colchester is nearer and cheaper.

no you are right, since this morning they have adjusted the price again!

Click on your original link

Which one is that Osbrook?

Seconded. Check on new thread. Twizy for sale. Colchester

ah ok thanks saw that, really want the sunroof though and prefer to have a bit of a younger one too, but cheers

Just to add new blood to this topic for anyone that might be interested - I ordered a new Twizy on 18 July 2016 in Germany. Thus far (18 August), I’ve experienced pretty much exactly what V8mini has described, utter hopelessness. My dealer has told me to expect a 4 month lead time and that within two weeks of having signed the contract, I will receive a letter with an estimated delivery date. Four weeks later, I finally received the letter which gives a “non binding delivery time” of… “after the release of product from the factory.”
After speaking again to my dealer, he is standing by the 4 month from signing the contract quote, but has let me know that I will receive another letter, no idea when, which will actually have a delivery date on it… also non-binding.
All that to say, I’m hoping for 4 months, I’ll try to remember to post here once it arrives so that future Twizy buyers will have a current idea.