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Custom audio fit

This is what I would like to aim for.


Can you buy this set up and install yourself?

I have to say I don’t quite understand why people would want a radio/music system in their Twizy. The car is so noisy that you have to wind the system right up to hear anything. Because it is so open to the outside you look and sound like one of those “rude boys” in their booming Corsas. The Twizy attracts enough attention as it is without the need of further audio assitance.

Thats the beauty of us humans, we are all different! For me its not about getting further attention as it gets more than anything else I have ever owned. In fact if you could bottle it and sell it you would be on to a winner. Its about just chilling and listening to some of your fav tunes which is all this little car is missing for me. It wouldn’t have to be loud but I do like a good quality of sound across the range which I don’t think the standard set up would give me.

I have veho Bluetooth speaker, and I hear it well enough over the wind and road noise. What I miss is bass. I am not a “Rude Bowy” but I like to feel the music as well as hear it. I am not looking to run a PA system, I just want to feel a thumb. Ideally I would have it so my lungs rattle in my rib cage. 8-|

With you on that one! I’m a bass line junkie, I don’t need no mid range, or no treble, I don’t need no tweeters, don’t find them helpful, I’m a bass line junkie, I’m a bass line junkie yeah, I’m a bass line junkie say it again, I’m bass line hungry! LOL :smiley:

When I come across a “BOOM BOOM” Twizy, I know it’s YOU!!!

Obviously a Dizzy Fan.

The DC DC converter on the Twizy is rated at 25amps a 12v (if I remember correctly) and it has a 14AH 12v battery (I would rate it as a 12AH as I’m not actually sure it’s what Renault say it is on the label). I’ve not measured what the Twizy on board systems themselves use in current or watts, but if ALL the accessories were turned off and systems were merely running bus power that would give you a maximum RMS wattage of just under 300watt with the stereo full on and without ignition on (without the DC DC converter running to top it up from the traction battery) it will drain the Accessory battery in 30 mins at that volume. A 300watt RMS stereo at 11 will be using roughly 2miles of your driving range at a bit of a guess. With the ignition off you wouldn’t get a whole drum n base album played at full volume without ended up stranded. You won’t get the Twizy to start with a flat accessory battery… “BOOM BOOM boom boom b…m b.o., can some one give me a jump start?” ;o) M

Mind you I keep looking at the boot and thinking the whole back of the car would make a great bass box if I can get the air volume capacity right, seal and port it correctly (and fix my rattles)… It’s got to be better than the silly Renault beep beep thing on the left hand stalk to tell people you’re coming. :slight_smile: M

With you on that one, I think a 15inch sub woofer as standard would increase sales and for the reasons you stated be a lot safer, possibly even gaining a safety NCAP rating dependant on the tunes being played?!?!?! :lol: Renault are really missing a trick there! I can see the pedestrians faces now 8-| and :o with me driving around looking like :D. Love it.

I am adding an amp to mine have but a battary pack in the boot just need to add the ability to charge it at the same time as the main battary