Custom Cover Pictures

Well, I took delivery of my hand made Twizy cover from ‘Specialised Covers’ today. Normal delivery timescale is 4-5 weeks but I managed to get the £100 fast track for free.

To say I am delighted with the cover is an understatement. The fit and quality is perfect. It has 3 layers with a waterproof/breathable membrane and microfiber inner. The stitching is flawless.

The pictures don’t show the cover tightened up with the included strap that runs underneath so will look even better :slightly_smiling:

Expensive but we’ll worth it for those who don’t have a garage :slight_smile:

Looks good! Does it have a lit so you can charge it while covered?

Very nice!
I was thinking of making a half cover that gets somehow electrically pulled in and stowed in the charger compartment… Still working on it

Unfortunately not, can’t have everything I suppose. Lol.