DAB Radio Fitted to Parrot System

I’ve been using the Parrot system in my Twizy for quite a while now.
I listen to the Radio by streaming the data thru’ my phone but it does use about 1 Gigabyte of data a month.
So wanting to reduce my data use I have fitted a DAB Radio head unit.

It is a Sonichi S100 from Halfords for £49 with the Sonichi External DAB aerial for £14.99
The unit is approx 100 x 70 x 20mm in size.
I have the head unit plugged into the 12v socket and store the DAB unit in the glove box.
The 3.5mm lead from the parrot system plugs straight into the DAB unit and the aerial also plugs straight in.
The aerial is an external one with a Magnetic base but it works fine inside the Twizy.
I have mounted the aerial in the rear compartment void behind the passenger seat.
Works really well and now I’am not using any data allowance :slight_smile:


I’m also currently using my phone to stream radio but it’s a bit of a faff.

I tried a pocket radio plugged into the Parrott’s line in but unfortunately it’s not great.

Can you tell me whether the S100 has a built in FM receiver?

I’ve looked on Halfords website and it’s unclear whether the FM is to receive radio stations or transmit DAB to an FM car radio.

I believe the Sonichi also has FM Halfords spec says 36 DAB station presets and 4 FM station presets.
Why do you want FM? I only use it on DAB
Reception is pretty good, it only cuts out in really bad areas for a few seconds when driving down into a valley.
I seem to remember my previous Microcar did the same thing at the same spot on FM
It’s been fitted and working for the last 4 years.
All I do is start the car, lift the glove box and turn the Sonichi on.
Finally I turn the parrot to line in.
The Sonichi remembers which DAB station it was set to.


Radio reception is pretty poor around the area @peter-ss drives. FM tends to have the edge or atleast be less annoying at braking up.

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I generally listen to a local radio station, which isn’t available on DAB.

I have this unit but I do not know how to get it to play in the twiz, do you need to also fit a mechless head unit?..if so you could just fit a dab one. If you do not have a head unit how do you get the music to play through the parrot and control volume etc?

If its plugged in as above and tuned to a radio station, all you do is switch the DAB unit on and select Line-in on the Parrot Remote :slight_smile:


Thanks Andy, just need to find line in on the parrot remote then. Not 100% sure it is working so maybe a battery swap is in order?

I will give it a go.

Silly ask but you have fitted some speakers?

Ha, yes. Speakers were already in it and have upgraded. Bluetooth music works fine.

It was the battery in the parrot remote that had gone dead, fitted new one. Re paired the remote and now I have dab. Happy days.

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