Electric battery Earn £175 per month from your EV!
BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Dacia could launch EV says Carlos Ghosn

I wonder if Carlos Ghosn has any idea what is happening in Renault dealers when buyers ask about EVs?

Perhaps we should email him. :slight_smile:

In Belgium, my dealer was really looking forward to sell more EV’s!
He says it would generate more money then normal cars, because of the monthly rental of the batteries
especially nowadays, cars are too reliable, people skip maintenance intervals and/or do it themselves

I think the biggest problem in the UK is the distance people want to do in 1 trip
Belgium is smaller, so everything is more “reachable”

Can you imagine the sh5t that would go down if everyone sent in “mystery customer” videos of their poor dealer experiences?

Personally, I was told by the main dealers that
“Renault should not have imported these into the UK”
“Any design faults should be reported to Customer Services-it’s nothing to do with us”

When trying to buy, the dealer could not get any Twizy for months even after I had explained I needed one in a few weeks, blocked another dealer who had stock from borrowing their demo Twizy so I could find out what the actual range was.
Renault UK and ZE could not answer my range questions about the effect of cold weather and use of wipers etc-the brochure said 62 mile range but in the back of the 2012 price list it said range of 31 miles in extreme use. My journey was 33 miles and no-one could answer if it could do this in winter and no-one could lend me a Twizy for more than 4 hours “due to insurance reasons” even though I have trade insurance and took documents in to show it was covered.

When getting the answers from the Twizy hire place in Brecon, the purchase process was miserable and the staff obstructive and rude.

My ex-demo purchase was filthy on collection and the glove boxes full of old flyers and sweet wrappers.

On taking it in for a recall for brakes which I had been chasing for months and asking them to fix other bits at the same time, I was told they needed the courtesy car back with 45 minutes notice-when I went out of my way to do this I collected a car with all the faults untouched which was filthy and wet-and got attitude from the staff.

On having it back un-mended after it had been in for the throttle recall, I nearly crashed it the day after when the throttle stuck so rang the dealer to ask them to collect it. They were totally unhelpful, so eventually persuaded R UK to get it collected. No courtesy car, no apology, pedal replaced but car filthy again and attitude again-even when I travelled the 23 miles to collect it again.

On selling it, Renault forgot to clear the finance off against the HPI register, so I ended up cocking about for hours with the Twizy loaded onto a trailer, while the buyer panicked, then delivering it to them in the early hours of the morning and having to leave it with them without payment until R UK opened again and felt my wrath.

All in all, a totally unacceptable experience and one I hope no-one else goes through.

In stark contrast, our experience with Perodua (who in the UK sell re-badged Toyota models, built in a state-of-the-art factory in Malaysia) has been outstanding-and they are £6200 new. Cheap needn’t mean dreadful service.